The Parish Council has recently completed actions arising from its risk assessment and is pleased to re-open the Children’s Playground from 31st July 2020.

The Council urges all users of the playground and its equipment to follow Government advice with respect to social distancing and hygiene.

In particular, users are advised to:

  • Remain 2 metres apart from others or where this is not viable, 1 metre with risk mitigation measures in place
  • Bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean hands
  • Sanitise hands more often than usual using approved gel and foam sanitiser, particularly at the beginning and end of play

With regard to the public toilets at the Playing Fields, the Council has recommenced its cleaning programme. However, it is not practicable for this cleaning to be undertaken at the frequency necessary to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of the coronavirus. Accordingly, the Council is maintaining its advice on the signage affixed to the door of each toilet that the public is advised NOT to enter or use them.