Ilmington Neighbourhood Plan

Ilmington Parish is in Stratford District.
Public Consultaton
Stratford District Council carried out a six-week public consultation on the Submission (Reg.16) version of the Ilmington Neighbourhood Plan. The consultation started on Thursday 16th May 2019 and closed on Friday 28th June 2019.
Submission Documents 
You can view the submission documents online by going to
* The Ilmington Neighbourhood Plan
* Basic Conditions Statement
* Consultation Statement
* Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA)
What Happens Next?
Below is a brief summary, taken from the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning guidance, of what happens next. You can read more about Neighbourhood Planning on GOV.UK.
1. Independent Examination
  • local planning authority sends plan/Order proposal and representation to the independent examiner
  • independent examiner issues a report to the local planning authority (SDC) and qualifying body (Ilmington Parish Council)
  • local planning authority publishes report
  • local planning authority considers report and reaches own view (except in respect of community right to build orders and proposals for modifications of neighbourhood plans where the modifications do not change the nature of the plan, where the report is binding)
  • local planning authority takes the decision on whether to send the plan/Order to referendum
2. Referendum and bringing the neighbourhood plan into force
  • relevant council publishes information statement
  • irelevant council publishes notice of referendum/s
  • polling takes place (in a business area an additional referendum is held)
  • results declared
  • should more than half of those voting vote in favour of the neighbourhood plan, the plan comes into force as part of the statutory development plan for the area
  • should more than half of those voting vote in favour of the Plan, the Plan only has legal effect once it is made by the local planning authority
Parish Survey Results 2016/17
We had expected a response of between 30% - 35% - which is average for most polls but we actually got 60% of the village responding. That is a tremendous result! The Steering Group would like to say a great, big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who completed and returned a survey.