Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Plan will go to referendum on Thursday 6th May 2021.

The Steering Group

A Neighbourhood Development Plan must be led by a ‘qualifying body’. In our case, it is Ilmington Parish Council. A number of volunteers have come forward and expressed an interest in helping to create the Plan. As a result, the Parish Council has set up a steering group made up of Parish Councillors and people in the village with relevant expertise or an interest in driving the plan forward. The Steering Group will report regularly to the Parish Council who must approve the final draft for submission. The group will operate in accordance with a set of rules known as the Terms of Reference.

Steering Group Members
  • Tim Allen
  • Joyce Bridges
  • Ross Chambers
  • Tammy Clifford
  • Martin Seymour
  • Jan Sherwood (IPC liason)

The Neighbourhood Area

In order to pursue a Neighbourhood Development Plan, Ilmington Parish Council had to define the area for the Plan. The council has submitted our Area Designation to Stratford District Council. This was approved on 26 April 2016. (See map to the right, and click the image to enlarge.) Once the Plan has reached its final draft, it will be put before the Parish in a referendum.

Sample title

Meeting Minutes

You can keep up with the Steering Group's progress by reading our minutes below