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If you wish to raise an issue at a meeting please adhere to the following points:

If at all possible or feasible, contact the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting to let them know that you wish to speak or raise an issue at a forthcoming Council meeting in the public section, or if it is regarding a specific agenda item. This is to enable the Clerk to bring along any pertinant information or research to the meeting which may help with the query.

All comments should be directed through the Chair, be succinct, relevant to the topic, and ideally no more than three minutes long.  However, it is at the Chairman’s discretion to allow the member of the public to speak for longer, if appropriate.

Once you’ve made your comment, you are only able to speak again if asked by the Chairman to respond to a question.

Debate or discussion by members of the public on any comments or decisions made by the Council is not allowed.


It is not a necessity or requirement in law that the public are allowed to speak at a Parish Council meeting, but it is often good practice for a Parish Council to allow a section of time at the beginning, during, or at the end of a meeting to hear residents views.  Ilmington Parish Council does set time for them to speak and to do so the Council must ‘suspend Standing Orders’ to create the necessary gap in the official meeting for the public to contribute.

When the meeting reaches the agenda item of ‘public participation’, the Chairman will suspend the meeting and members of the public will be allowed to speak.

At this point, Councillors should not interrupt or debate issues with the public, but they may respond if it is seems appropriate to do so.  However, debate or long discussions should not take place between the public and the Council, as this is the ‘public’ section. 

When all the members of the public have spoken in the public participation section, the Chairman will resume the meeting.

At this point the Council may discuss the item(s) raised by the public and consider:
a)            if it is a matter the Parish Council can legally consider and make any decisions on;
b)            if it is a matter that can be referred by the Clerk to another authority; or
c)            if it is an item that will need a Council decision or expenditure and so  would need to go onto a future agenda. The item will then be referred to a future agenda. 

Please note:  no legal decisions or expenditure can be made on any item raised at a meeting (by public or Councillor) because the item would not have been legally notified on an agenda in advance to the electorate or the Council.

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