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March Workshops

You can still give us your input on...



Which green spaces should be protected

Which views you think are most important

Which sites should be put forward for future development

Below are three sets of worksheets, pictures and maps… 

The Maps show the areas and views under consideration. 
The Pictures are there to help you remember where those areas are.
The Worksheets are there for you to give us your input. 
All the areas, views and pictures numbered and cross-referenced within each set. 
Click on each one to download.
Please put all completed worksheets in the Ilmington Parish Council suggestion box in the Community Shop
DEADLINE: Friday, 31 March 2017

SET 1: Ilmington Views

Views Map
Views Pictures
Views Worksheet

SET 2: Local Green Spaces

Green Spaces Map
Green Spaces Pictures
Green Spaces Worksheet

SET 3: Potential Development Sites

Potential Development Sites Map
Potential Development Sites Pictures
Potential Development Sites Worksheet

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