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A Neighbourhood Development Plan must be led by a ‘qualifying body’.  In our case, it is Ilmington Parish Council.  A number of volunteers have come forward and expressed an interest in helping to create a Plan.  As a result, the Parish Council has set up a steering group to facilitate production of the Plan.  The steering group can be made up of Parish Councillors and people in the village with relevant expertise or an interest in driving the plan forward.  The Steering Group will report regularly to the Parish Council  who must approve the final draft for submission.  They will operate in accordance with a set of rules known as the Terms of Reference (Click here to download a copy).

Amongst the many ways the Steering Group will go about producing a Plan, they will look to:

Provide a forum for discussion and debate
Motivate the community to be involved throughout the plan
Set up sub-groups to focus on particular themes that arise through the consultation process
Identify ways of involving the whole community and gather the views and opinions of as many individuals, groups and organisations in the community as possible
Determine the types of survey and information gathering to be used.

Steering Group Meetings 2017
3rd Tuesday of every month in the Community Shop Café
Click here to download a timetable

Tuesday, 18th April
Thursday 16th May
Tuesday 20th June
Tuesday 18th July
Tuesday, 15th August
Thursday 19th September
Tuesday 17th October
Tuesday 21st November
Tuesday 19th December

 @ilmingtonplan or

The Steering Group
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