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1. The Ilmington Parish Council believes that, in the interests of good governance and transparency,  accurate information should be freely available about all of its activities.

2. The Council intends to actively promote the dissemination of such information. 

3. Any actions taken by the Council will be in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

4. To do so, it will foster good relations with the media, and provide assistance and  facilities to media representatives.

5. The Council will identify spokesmen on particular areas of its activity from among the clerk and council members.

6. In respect of the Data Protection Act, all initial correspondence to the Council will  be directed to the Parish Clerk (registered Data Controller) who will control any personal data before distributing the correspondence to the relevant Council spokesman.

7. All media requests for information from the Council will be directed by the Parish Clerk to the relevant spokesman.

8. Information provided by spokesmen will be based on the Council’s agreed position about any particular activity.

9. In contact with the media, the clerk and council members must be clear that they are either  speaking only as the Council’s representative and giving the council’s agreed position
or  speaking only  as an individual and giving their personal opinion.  In the latter case, they must as far as possible ensure that the status of their statement is reported.

10.The clerk will prepare any press releases or other written statements to be issued by the council, in consultation with the relevant spokesman and the Chairman.  Press releases or other statements will reflect the Council’s agreed position.

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