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As well as responding to requests for information, the Parish Council  must publish information proactively. The Freedom of Information Act requires every public authority to have a publication scheme, approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and to publish information covered by the scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to set out our commitment to make certain classes of information routinely available, such as policies and procedures, minutes of meetings, annual reports, and financial information.  We have aimed to achieve this through the Ilmington Parish Council website.

If you would like information that you cannot find on this website, you can still ask you for it   The Council will endeavour to make it available quickly and easily.


Anyone has a right to request information from a public authority. The Council has two separate duties when responding to these requests:

IPC  to tell the person requesting information whether we hold any information falling within the scope of their request, and to provide that information; and
IPC  to respond to a request within around 20 working days.

For a request to be valid under the Freedom of Information Act it must be in writing.  If you have a request for information, please send it in writing to the Parish Clerk.


A request for information can be refused under the following circumstances:

IPC  it would cost too much or take too much time to deal with the request;
IPC  the request is vexatious; and
IPC  the request repeats a previous request from the same person.

In addition, the Freedom of Information Act contains a number of exemptions that allow the Council to withhold information.  For example, some exemptions are based on the harm that would arise or would be likely to arise if disclosure would be likely to prejudice a criminal investigation or prejudice someone’s commercial interests. There is also an exemption for personal data if releasing it would be contrary to the Data Protection Act.

If the Council refuses all or any part of a request, we will send the requester a written refusal notice stating whether the Council is holding the information at all or confirming that the information is held but the Council refuses to release it.

For more information on the Freedom of Information Act, please see the Information Commissioner’s Office website:

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