Ilmington Parish Council



Ilmington Parish CouncilIlmington

Chairman: Gerald Osbourne
Members: Jan Sherwood, Geoff Davies, Rob Hawkins

1.  Membership
Membership will be decided at the Annual Parish Council meeting each year, or as soon as is practicable.

2.  Conduct and Frequency of Meetings
Meetings will be convened on an informal basis when the need arises to review specific financial issues that have been put before the Parish Council.
Meetings shall be subject to a quorum of three members, which must include at least one Parish Councillor who is also the chairman.

The Working Group does not have any voting rights, and therefore may not make any decisions on behalf of the Parish Council but may prepare reports or make recommendations for consideration by the Parish Council.

3.  Term of the Working Group
The Working Group’s term will be reviewed after 6 months and then at the Annual General Meeting (in May each year), unless a shorter fixed term for the group has been agreed.

4.  Role of the Finance Working Group
To review and make recommendations to the Council on various processes, such as:

Ilmington awarding or applying for grants;
Ilmington employment contracts and payroll;
Ilmington tendering and procurement;
Ilmington leases;
Ilmington supplier contracts; and
Ilmington amendment of the Council’s financial regulations or standing orders.

Review and make recommendations regarding the Parish Council budget and precept. To gather information by liaising with the District and County Councils and any other individuals, groups, sub-groups, suppliers, or organisations, as appropriate. Submit all recommendations to the Clerk for review prior to submission to the Council to ensure the recommendations adhere to best practice, good governance, and financial regulatory and statutory guidelines.

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Sarah Furniss
29 Vincent Avenue, Stratford on Avon CV37 6SR
T: 01789 295827
M: 07786938072