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Grumpy Frog Cider
Last Autumn a group of friends collected apples from trees within the village. The tree owners were more than delighted to have the apples put to a good use and to have their lawns clear of apples which otherwise would clog up their lawn mowers. The apples were washed, crushed and pressed to release the lovely apple juice, which was then fermented to produce cider.

Ilmington Village Community Shop & Cafe in Grump Street was the first outlet to sell the cider, which had been fermented in Frog Lane.

Grumpy Frog Cider was born!

If you would like your apples to go to a good use and to have your lawn clear of them or if you know of any potential sales outlet please contact:

Bill Buckley on 07855 380845 or Rupert Wyles on 07778 417032

Grumpy Frog is on Face Book and at

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